Wedding Venues

These wedding venues - Racecourse Wedding Venues, Equestrian Wedding Venues, Barn Wedding Venues & Vineyard Wedding Venues - are sought after by adventurous couples who love the outdoors. A far cry from those engaged couples choosing conventional city weddings.
People actually ‘fall in love with horses’, bewitched by these fascinating creatures.
The thrill of riding these powerful animals is mighty.
To gallop on a beach is awesome, totally thrilling, getting the adrenaline flowing.
To race must be awesome, to race over the National Hunt racing, commonly known as jumps racing, must be terrifying but yet very exciting.
Getting married is also very exciting so it is not surprising that Horse & Equestrian lovers wish to be married in venues that matched their own exciting circumstances & love of the horse.
Racecourse provide this heady thrill combining the Thrill of the Turf & their Thrill of their Wedding to come. Note that the Newbury Racecourse offer something really special, you might say a Right Royal Treat, the Royal Box. One could dine out for many a year on that one!
Tethering the horses & moving on the Barns. These historic buildings go back centuries to time when farmers had to pay tithes. These took the form of one tenth of farm produce to support the Church & clergy. Barns were the 14th century equivalent of modern day skyscrapers.

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