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Dick Francis Racehorse & Horse RacingThrillers

Dick Francis, ex-jockey, has become one of the most famous Crime Writers of all time. Francis has used his experience of horse racing, both on the flat & in steeplechasing,to create over 40 top selling crime books. This huge output stems from his horse racing experience. So, for the lovers of the turf, Dick Francis's thrillers presents a 'must read' inventory.

Dick Francis was born in South Wales just 2 years after the end of World War I. He served in the RAF during World War II. From flying in the air to flying across fences, he had rode in over 300 horse races mainly National Hunt racing over the 'sticks' as the jumps are called in the trade. Dick Francis become Champion Jockey 1954 but then retired some 3 years later after a serious fall.

This horse racing experience has been used to good effect.His books are fast moving & exciting, communicatating all the thrillls of the racetracks & coupled with murders galore!

Sadly,Dick Francis died in February 2010. He left a treasure trove of fabulous books.Those interested in the turf & racing will derive much pleasure from these stories of the horse racing world. You will be guaranteed many hours of enjoyment from each and every one of the following Dick Francis Titles:

Published dates of Dick Francis books :

Dead Cert 1962 Horse racing Jockey turns private detective to solve the murder of fellow jockey.

Nerve 1964 Has a young jockey lost his nerve for National Hunt racing ?

Odds Against 1965 Champion jockey retires from Horse racing after injury tto become a private eye.

For Kicks 1965
Undercover sleuthing in a racing stable & racehorse doping !

Flying Finish 1966 A thriller set in the race horse transport world.

Blood Sport 1967
Lost race horse saga set in the United States.

Forfeit 1968 Racing correspondent exposes a racing fraud.

Enquiry 1969 Jockey is framed & loses his Horse racing licence.

Rat Race 1970 Air taxi business for race goers travelling to racecourses.

Bonecrack 1971 Abduction at Newmarket, home of racehorse training.

Smokescreen 1972 Horse racing mystery in South Africa .

Slay Ride 1973 English Jockey Club , disappearance of steeplechase jockey,set in Norway.

Knock Down 1974 The life of an Ex-jockey is threatened after purchasing a race horse.

High Stakes 1975 Racehorse owner sacks his trainer & is sued for slander.

In The Frame 1976 Jockey turns for race horse artist is involved in murder.

Risk 1977 An amateur racehorse jockey wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup and is abducted-twice!

Trial Run 1978 Horse racing jockey ,Royalty and the Moscow Olympics.

Whip Hand 1979 Sadistic bookie and a racehorse doping scandal.

Reflex 1981 A jockey & the strange death of a racetrack photographer.

Twice Shy 1981 Horse racing betting system & a physics teacher.

Banker 1982 Merchant banker buys top racehorse stallion.

The Danger 1983 Kidnapping of a girl jockey , Derby winners, and a Jockey Club steward.

Proof 1984
Racing stable accident & wine merchant solves the mystery.

Break In 1985 Racehorse stables & smear campaigns.

Bolt 1986 Another Horse racing Thriller. A Princess & blackmail.

Hot Money 1987
Thoroughbred racehorses.A millionaire & murders.

The Edge 1988 Murder mystery ,racehorses in the Canadian Rockies.

Straight 1989 Jockeys, murder, jewels, racehorses and a mistress.

Longshot 1990 Author of survival skills & famous racehorse trainer biography.

Comeback 1991 Diplomats, horse racing mystery & veterinary surgeon .

Driving Force 1992 Retired jockey, race horse transport, murder mayhem.

Decider 1993 Architect & Stratton Park race course muder thriller.

Wild Horses 1994 Deathbed confession.Another racehorse thriller.

Come To Grief 1995 Series of violent acts against racehorses.

To The Hilt 1996 Murder of jockey in Scotland .

10 lb penalty 1997
10-lb penalty can be a killer in every sense.

Fix the National & horse racing stories audio books - five short stories of racing world mysteries. Fix the Grand National!

Field of 13 1998 Thirteen short horse racing stories.

Second Wind 1999 Horse racing thriller.

Shattered 2000
Jockey is murdered during a steeplechase.

Under Orders 2006
Three murders, race fixing and internet gambling.

Dead Heat 2007
Guests at race course dinner poisoned.

Silks 2008 Amateur jockey murdered - the prime suspect is the champion jockey!

Even Money 2009 Bookies , Horse racing gambling scam & murder at the races.


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