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Group 1 & Grade 1 Thoroughbred Horse Races

Group 1 Races represent the pinnacle of thoroughbred horse racing. In the USA, Canada & Japan these prestigious races are termed Grade 1. These Group 1 races carry the most kudos & the greatest prize money. Only the very best thoroughbreds are able to compete at this top level of horse racing competition. Rewards are immense,the Melbourne Cup, Australia's premier Group 1 race carries €6 million prize money!Group 1 races also afford the greatest social accolade.

Monarchs, Oil Sheikhs, Wealthy Industrialists & millionaires all vie to triumph in these prestigious races. It is not only owners who gain fron winning Group 1 races, the jockey & trainer benefit significantly as well as often realising dreams of a lifetime.The real money for the owners of Group 1 winners is the reward when stallions are retired to stud. Dynaformer,for example, commands $150,000 nomination fee for a single nomination! Nice hourly rate.

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